Book of the Month Club

Mother's Day 2018 Email Campaign

Book of the Month has been obsessively reading and sharing the most enjoyable books of the moment since 1926.

In my work with them, I wrote e-commerce emails and promotional copy to help members decide which of the five monthly titles they'd like to read and seasonal email campaign copy.

Skills & Services: Copywriting, UX copywriting


The Brief

Mother’s Day is the second busiest time of year for gift-giving at Book of the Month.

The goal of this campaign is to get people to give Book of the Month gift memberships for Mother’s Day.


The Process

For this project, I draft two version of body copy, five or more subject lines, and five or more headlines.

After internal review, all copy is approved with one winning body text, one headline and three subject lines (for A/B testing). Unique subject lines are tested among the three send populations.


The Results

Look at the emails and see how the campaign uses urgency to help nudge recipients to give the gift of read, love, repeat with Book of the Month.