The Wing

New Member Onboarding Emails

The Wing, a coworking and community space for "women on their way", is growing quickly. They're working with Loyal and Community By Design to deepen the member journey and help new members feel welcome as they get familiar with the space and amenities available to them.

Skills & Services: Copywriting, UX copywriting, Copyediting

Agency partners: Community By Design & Loyal


The Brief

The Wing is growing quickly. They have four locations already and seven more on the way. They needed a way to help new members understand how to get the most out of their memberships.

The Wing were also looking for a way to make members aware of rules and policies upfront in a welcoming yet clear way.

These emails were sent to a test audience to gauge receptiveness.

Soho .jpg

The Process

Led by Loyal by Design, The Wing outlined six emails to send to new members at specific points into their membership journey. This drip campaign keeps essential information top-of-mind during the first week of membership.

I wrote the first draft of these emails, which were used as a starting point for the emails seen here. The final versions are very close to the draft copy provided to The Wing.


The Results

Have a look at the emails created to help welcome The Wing's new members feel welcome from day one.